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Level 3/4 Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS)

About the PTLLS course

Please note that the Ptlls qualification has now been superseded by the Level 3 Award in Education and Training which most training providers will be offering from January 2014. You can read about the new course from here. The two courses are considered equivalent. There will not be any disadvantages to Ptlls holders or those who still choose to complete Ptlls. Focus Professionals Training will deliver the Ptlls course till 31 March 2014 alongside the new qualification.

The Ptlls qualification was introduced in 1997 as an initial teacher qualification. The qualification was initially a one unit course worth 6 credits. The course was revised in 2010 where the units were increased to four and credits to 12. The qualification was introduced to help with standardisation when it came to teaching practice. Bodies such as Ofstead lamented about the differences in standards across training providers. It was compulsory to have achieved Ptlls as a minimum in order to teach on government funded programs. This is no longer the case as the legislation that enforced this was repealed?

Technically speaking there is no requirement to have Ptlls as the government has left the sector to regulate its self, the same principle behind free schools. However most employers still require the qualification? It is also good to achieve the qualification as part of CPD and to update your self with the latest evidence based practice, sector changes, legislation, theories and techniques to better facilitate the education of others and meet learner needs. For example knowing how to better support learners on a distance learning program as the skills are brief compared to classroom based teaching? Knowing how to balance student responsibilities and meeting learner needs? You can download the course information from here.

Course Structure

The course is offered at either level 3 or 4. Level 3 involves describing, explaining and some evaluation and referencing. Level 4 is much more theoretical and involves the ability to critically analyse, use specific referencing, and carry out detailed reflection and evaluation. The PTLLS course is made up of the following units which are assessed by 4 short questions and a micro-teach:

Unit 1 Roles, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning 3 Credits
Unit 2 Understanding inclusive learning and teaching in lifelong learning 3 Credits
Unit 3 Facilitate learning and development for individuals 3 Credits
Unit 4 Principles of Assessment in Lifelong Learning 3 Credits

To be awarded the PTLLS Award ,you need to achieve a total of 12 credits. Micro teach sessions are usually held three to four weeks after your induction .Candidates should be involved in at least one hour of micro teaching. Each candidate must deliver at least one 15 minute micro teaching session which should be observed and assessed by a member of the course delivery team. For the additional 45 minutes, candidates can either deliver an additional micro teach session or observe our candidates. If you prefer not to attend the scheduled micro-teach workshop, you can provide a video of one of your normal teaching practice. The video has to be a minimum one hour long. It is possible for the teaching session to be observed by video conferencing or other appropriate assessment methods such as an expert witness. Please note the awarding body requires expert witnesses to have a higher teaching qualification than the one they will be witnessing.


How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered by either blended learning or as classroom based . All learners will be allocated an assessor and given access to our Virtual learning Environment regardless of the delivered method. Our most popular route of delivery for the PTLLS course which has attracted learners from all over the UK and Europe is blended learning usually taking place during the weekend or evenings. For this route,you need to attend an induction workshop lasting about three hours usually on a saturday. The induction will also involve teaching about the course key themes. Additional learning will then be conducted by distance learning using our E-learning web site.

There will be opportunities for video conferencing and other multi-media. You will have an allocated tutor who will also assess your assignments. You will then be required to attend a micro-teach session. More information about this is covered under the course structure above. The micro teach session normally lasts about three hours as there will be an opportunity for portfolio building at the end. Completed portfolios are then forwarded for final internal moderation after a few days. The course can also be delivered fast track over a number of days.

How long is the course?

The Ptlls course has a 48 guided learning hours requirement. This means that you are expected to demonstrate that you have been supported by staff from Focus Professionals for at least 48 hours. You can either evidence this within a few days by participating in fast track activities or over a longer period!

You are usually expected to complete the course within 6 weeks from enrollment. We however give you an additional 4 weeks if you fail to complete during the normal duration which stretches the time period to a maximum 10 weeks! Please note you are expected to complete your micro teach within four weeks from your enrollment date!

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for Ptlls. Teachers are however expected to have Literacy skills at level 3 and numeracy at level 2. You do not need to be already teaching or to look for any placement. Both the theory and practical requirements of the course are met by the four assessment questions and micro teach.

You are however expected due to the nature of course delivery to have access to the internet,computer and a word processor that can open and produce Microsoft Word Documents ending with the extension '.doc'. Candidates without Microsoft office are advised to consider open software such as Open Office. You however need to ensure your documents are saved and submitted for assessment as word documents ending with the extension '.doc'?

What can l do on completion?

The qualification can be used in its entirety if you are tutor or trainer. The course also gives you 6 credits towards CTLLS (associate teacher status) or DTLLS (full teacher status).

Why choose Focus Professionals Training?

Focus Professionals Training has been around for a number of years now. We specialise in blended learning. We are aim to ensure that our services are transparent by providing as much information as possible for to help anyone interested in our services to make informed decisions.

Not only do we provide training to individuals, we have also trained a number of staff from colleges, other training providers (big and small) and even university lecturers.

We have been awarded direct claim status for this course which means that once your work has been assessed and our in-house based internal moderator has confirmed you met the learning outcomes and assessment criteria, your certificate will be requested from the awarding body?

Certificates are posted out first class recorded once they arrive!

How do l sign up?

Enrolment is on going throughout the year due to the method of course delivery. It is possible for anyone to join the course anytime. After you have successfully completed the initial assessment, you will need to book on the course below! To enroll on this PTLLS course, you need to complete the two steps below:

Step 1 Complete our initial enquiry form! Here you will be able to choose when you want to commence your course and whether you want to attend an online (web conference) or face to face (workshop or one to one session? You do not need to wait for a reply when you submit the form. You can go ahead to step 2?
Step 2 After completing step 1 above,please choose whether to pay by installments or full payment. You then click on the appropriate 'Book' link below!

Please note payments via Paypal and Google payments incur a 3.5% administration fee. Once we receive confirmation of your payment, you will be registered . You will then be allocated an assessor and given access to the learner’s resources area.

Course Full Payment Installments
Level 4 Ptlls £225 Book £124.50 x2 Book
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