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Available Courses

CTLLS - Lifelong Sector Teacher Training

DTLLS Level 5 - Qualified Teacher Training

Level 3 Award in Education and Training

Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training

Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training

Level 3 Understanding Principles of Assessment

Level 3 Assessing in Vocationally Related

Level 3 Assessing in Work Environment

Level 3 Certificate in Assessing (TAQA - New A1)

Level 4 Understanding Quality Assurance

Level 4 Award in Quality Assurance (New V1)

Level 4 Certificate in Internal Quality Assurance

Level 3 Diploma for Children and Young People

Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care

Level 5 Leadership in Health and Social Care


Level 4 Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (CTLLS )

About the CTLLS course

We are no longer accepting any new enrollments from the Level 4 Certificate in teaching in the Lifelong Sector (CTLLS). The qualification has now been superseded by the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training which was introduced from January 2014. You can read about the new course from here.

The Ctlls course is for candidates who would like to widen their teaching skills from the Ptlls initial stage. The qualification like the Ptlls and Dtlls has existed since 2007. The course particularly replaced the City and Guilds 7302 Certificate in Delivering Learning.

The course is flexible and takes account of the many teaching roles in further education, which includes one to one teaching.

We welcome other evidence and do not just rely on assignments. Focus Professionals encourages use of other evidence from your real work such as assessments, CPD records, lesion plans and schemes of work.You can download the course information from here. The qualification is accredited by OCR.

CTLLS Course Structure

The Ctlls course is offered at level 4 which involves being theoretical and the ability to critically analyse, use specific referencing, and carry out detailed reflection and evaluation. You will be expected to achieve a minimum 36 credits to be awarded Level 4 Ctlls.

A minimum 24 credits have to be at level 4. The course is made up of 9 units which are highlighted below. The first four units highlighted in Brown reflect the Ptlls stage. You do not need to complete these units if you have already achieved Ptlls. The course fees are also reduced for Ptlls holders as prior learning will be applied.

The Ctlls course is assessed by a range of assessment methods which will include assignments, observations of practice and work products.

Unit 1(Ptlls) Roles, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning 3 Credits
Unit 2 (Ptlls) Understanding inclusive learning and teaching in lifelong learning 3 Credits
Unit 3 (Ptlls) Facilitate learning and development for individuals 3 Credits
Unit 4 (Ptlls) Principles of Assessment in Lifelong Learning 3 Credits
Unit 5 Delivering lifelong learning 4 Credits
Unit 6 Assessing learners in lifelong learning 4 Credits
Unit 7 Planning to meet the needs of learners 4 Credits
Unit 8 Using resources for lifelong learning 4 Credits
Unit 9 Developing, using and organising resources within the lifelong Sector 15 Credits

How is this CTLLS course delivered or assessed?

This is a CTLLS blended learning course, which will include distance learning, e-learning (online) ,observations and face to face workshops. Assessment will be by a range of methods such as assignments, professional discussion, question and answering, observation and work products. You will be supported by an allocated tutor who will also be your assessor. You will also need to be observed for at least three hours.

The observation can be carried out face to face, by video or a qualified expert witnesses, video or video conference. We have scheduled optional monthly workshops in London and Stoke On Trent. The induction will also involve teaching about the course key themes. Additional learning will then be conducted by distance learning using our E-learning web site.

There will be opportunities for video conferencing and other multi-media. You will have an allocated tutor who will also assess your assignments. Completed portfolios are then forwarded for final internal moderation after a few days.

Entry Requirements

You will need to evidence Literacy and Numeracy skills and have access to 30 hours of teaching practice. This can include recently completed teaching, which is supported by evidence such as session plans, schemes of works or other official documentation. Please note that at times we are able to offer placements to candidates with appropriate skills as a learning opportunity to evidence the practice requirements of the course.

You are however expected due to the nature of course delivery to have access to the internet,computer and a word processor that can open and produce Microsoft Word Documents ending with the extension '.doc'. Candidates without Microsoft office are advised to consider open software such as Open Office. You however need to ensure your documents are saved and submitted for assessment as word documents ending with the extension '.doc'?

How long is the course?

Fast track is possible for those who are dedicated to studying at a fast pace ,have resources and access to adequate learning opportunities.The selected units for this Ctlls course have a 158 guided learning hours requirement. This means that you are expected to demonstrate that you have been supported by staff from Focus Professionals for at least 158 hours. Learners are encouraged to undertake an additional 120 hours as part independent study.

You are usually expected to complete the course within 10 weeks from enrollment. We are however willing to extend the course duration to up to 20 weeks if you fail to complete during the normal duration.

What can l do on completion of this CTLLS qualification?

The CTLLS qualification can be used in its entirety if you are tutor or trainer as an associate teacher . You can also go on to complete the Diploma in teaching in the lifelong sector (DTLLS) which will lead to Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills status (QTLS).

Why choose Focus Professionals Training?

Focus Professionals Training has been around for a number of years now. We specialise in blended learning. We are aim to ensure that our services are transparent by providing as much information as possible for to help anyone interested in our services to make informed decisions.

Not only do we provide training to individuals, we have also trained a number of staff from colleges, other training providers (big and small) and even university lecturers.

How do l sign up?

Enrolment is on going throughout the year due to the method of course delivery. It is possible for anyone to join the course anytime. As long as you have access to 30 teaching hours and the resources highlighted under “Entry Requirements” you can go ahead and book on the course by choosing the ‘Book’ link for either Full payment or Installments.

Please note payments via Paypal and Google payments incur a 3.5% administration fee. Once we receive confirmation of your payment, you will be registered . You will then be allocated an assessor and given access to the learner’s resources area . *You need to have already achieved Ptlls Level 4. For the assessor course you need access to at least two candidates on a vocational learning programme. For the verifier course you need to be in a quality assurance role and have access to at least two assessors.


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